Digi-Locker System is going to be used widely very soon as per the indication from Govt. to safeguard Driving Licence/RC/Insurance and other valuable documents. India is slowly moving towards adopting more new routes on ngaging digital systems. The Digi-Locker will also be helpful with regard to protection of original documents, need not to carry physical documents while driving and many more Add-Ons will be announced by the Government through this route slowly. Currently, awareness creation is more important to adopt this route since many people are hesitant to use this route in view of taking care of their personal information well protected. But, at one stage, it is going to become mandatory route, the way digital policies being announced and implemented by the Govt. Hence, please use Govt. Digi-Locker only to safeguard your documents more carefully and abandon all physical operations slowly. This content is specially highlighted by to present this new E-Product announced by Govt. to take care of all original documents by all Car Owners and to get quick references any-where anyplace any point-of-time more wisely.