First time Car Buyers are always looking for Used (Pre-Owned) Car only at the time of their initial purchase. The Valid reasons for the same is to allocate their own fund initially to Buy a Car within adjustable limit of their own savings/income level along with permissible limit of enhanced Car Loan which is helping them to buy Used Car very easily. Also, it helps to maintain moderate outflow of monthly EMI towards Car Loan. Mainly salaried people are interested to buy Used Cars only within their own budget level in view of New Car Price tag always maintain its own Price level gap on higher side & fluctuating factors due to many value additions of New Car features being added time to time. To attract new Car Buyer, Car Companies will always try to add new features more frequently to enhance performance & try to push new Car Sale with price enhancement. Further, any value addition in new car increase its Price Level more frequently to adjust manufacturing/Dealer Operating & marketing costs with fresh tax implications at times. In view of high price tag of New Car(s), people are interested more to go for Used Car only as first preference and avoid to increase over burden on their financial commitment towards new car purchase.